How Can Tell If Your FWB is Interested in You

Although not everyone is looking for true love in life, most single people believe that physical intimacy is still very vital. Some hookup apps make it easier than ever to find a FWB dating, a person who doesn't want to be tied to a serious relationship, but still wants to have a bit of fun with someone they know and trust.

This type of relationship is usually a non-verbal agreement, and both parties naturally know that nothing is more important than this, except that there is a great feeling from time to time. However, when one of the two begins to develop feelings that transcend FWB relationships, these perceptions change.

He/she feels jealous
So how do you know that your FWB partner may now want to get more from you, not just in bed? One obvious sign is that if you start talking about another hookup partner, they will show embarrassment or try to lead the conversation in the other direction. When you are on a fwb relationship, this usually means that you are not looking for a monogamous relationship, so their dissatisfaction with your other hookup finders may be a sign of their feelings for you.

Call and text
Unless you and your FWB partner are really good friends, you are unlikely to contact them often. If you find that your nsa hookup partner is starting to call or text regularly, and there is no special reason, then it is very likely that they are falling in love with you.

And, if they are upset because you didn't respond to their information in time, it could be a sign that they see you more as a boyfriend or girlfriend than someone who hooks up from time to time.

Come to meet you suddenly
Another indication that your hookup finder may be looking for something more than they currently get, if they start appearing in your place without being talked. If they just want to have some fun of casual encounters, this may be fine, but if they just come to play with you, it might be a problem. The same rules apply to places you sign in on social media. This is a signal that they are monitoring your actions so they can know where you are.

Frequency of hookup
The frequency of hookup can also be a sign that your hookup finder has feelings for you. Of course, you may get along very well in bed, but if these more frequent meetings don't end with intimacy, it may just be that they want to take up your time and make it harder for you to see other people. If anything we mention happens on your partner, you have to make a decision. Do you want to go further with that person, or keep the casual encounters? If they already have a feeling, you may not have chosen the latter, and it is impossible to take things to another level.